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The Growing Trend Of Machine Retrofitting Services

Posted by Admin on December, 29, 2020

Retrofitting has gained drive in the manufacturing sector as it allows the players to take benefits of the revolutionary technologies without it being an expensive business.

In the highly competitive era of industrial automation, businesses are struggling to keep their competitiveness, through the transformation of their manufacturing systems, in the way of answering the demands of the market. The advancement of manufacturing systems submits to the substitute for manufacturing tools with high-tech machinery. A good option is an act of retrofitting existing equipment, by adding new traits. The challenge coming by retrofitting is the choice of the appropriate features to be added. The paper shows up a conceptual framework to support the decision-making process, assisted by an online network, and depend on Augmented Reality for retrofitting and recycling equipment, aiming at increasing the lifestyle of the components.

Retrofitting and Industry 4.0
In the condition, Industry 4.0 with the smart factories and linked concepts which includes s IIOT, predictive maintenance, machine learning, and artificial intelligence is the right response to the difficulty. Meanwhile, buying new machines in line with these smart technologies is a costly issue and is not practical particularly for small and medium businesses. Here, comes the need for machine retrofitting services.

These solutions allow an old machine or right system to find easy access to new technologies or specific features. For example, a connected sensor can be fixed on an old machine or a specific part can be changed with a new part with better features.

Benefits of retrofitting
If a machine is retrofitted, the precise machine or system works such as a smart machine and drives out data which proves helpful for improving efficiency, efficiency, and machine reliability, processing speeds, boosting the life span of the machine, and decreasing the maintenance costs.

Take an example, Bosch fixed its IoT (internet of things) gateway on a conventional 300-kg definite lathe. The linked system included software, sensors, and IoT- friendly industrial controls. Through the solutions, the team could track and check the condition of the lathe in actual time and even optimize its functions.

Moreover, retrofitting, companies should be cautious about the security facade as the introduction of a new factor to an old system could front security risks. As the system is linked, one weak point can expose the complete network and make it inclined to the cyber attack. Therefore, updating a protocol with continued security and regularly carrying out risk estimations is necessary to keep the method or network security.

Retrofitting has increased drive in the manufacturing business as it allows the players to take complete benefit of the revolutionary technologies without it being an expensive affair. By following the useful security measures, retrofitting confirms to be a bonus for the growing manufacturing business.

Companies are executing the idea of retrofitting in their factories to continue with the several benefits of today’s smart mechanization technologies. There are also confident precautions that should be undertaken to make sure a secure and creative system.

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